Meat without animals? | Will it ever be possible?

Say you get in a discussion about animals rights. Because of some age-old tradition or hunting in general or some isolated incident involving hurting or killing living beings.

But you like beef. Succulent thick juicy portions of grilled fillet steak served with tomatoes and roast vegetables on an old wooden board. Or Chicken Tikka Masala.

Chances are you’ll find yourself cornered over the fact that we‘ll never know if the animals we eat are in fact killed without feeling a thing. Or if that even makes sense. After all, killing is killing.

The truth is man has always hunted and killed animals for food and they “play a vital role in any healthy diet”. That’s what children learn in school and that’s what (almost) any doctor will tell you. Still, if there was a more humane alternative, most of us would take it in a heartbeat. But there isn’t and, as result, many people have gone vegan over this – which is totally understandable.

The fact is our society continues to ignore this. We go on calling animals “it” – as in “a thing” – not him or her – and that isn’t helping. But this is not about picking a side. It’s about how the future should bring an end to the discussion.

So cloning has been used in attempts to duplicate organs that the human body usually has trouble adjusting and often rejects – like the liver. With your DNA, it will soon be possible to duplicate a fully functional liver that will fit into you like “a glove”.

The future will take this concept to the next level: to clone animal parts, like beef or ribs, without the need of a living host. That means getting your sirloin steak without the need of a cow dying for it to happen. It would be an expensive process now but, once it becomes an industry, it will actually be a lot cheaper than growing a cow or even a chicken.

There will be no need for anyone to go vegan over this – like we’ve all considered going at some point.

This does not exist yet. It’s a gift from the future. Will you approve of it?

Bruno De Marques.

#thefutureneedsyou #animalrights

4 thoughts on “Meat without animals? | Will it ever be possible?

  1. I think it’s pretty weird to consider it, but it’s a much better alternative to breeding and murdering animals. I will always be vegan and never ever consume animal flesh again, regardless of where it comes from, but if cloning meat is what it takes to get society to stop killing, then I guess I can’t argue much against it!

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