The 7 Most Powerful Figures Shaping Our Future.

The Real “Future Man”

Regardless of the apparently exciting space-related news we come across every day in traditional and social media, the rather sad truth is:

For nearly 2 generations, transportation technologies have failed to take mankind any faster or further. It seems we’ve lost the thrill and desire to explore. Apollo 17 remains the MOST RECENT manned flight beyond Earth orbit. That was 1972.

It surely feels like we’re not doing enough.

But not every man has gone idle. There are seven.

Seven men who are working, shaping our future. These seven have moved beyond what riches can buy and are dedicating a large portion of what they have to give you a chance at a better future. A more fulfilling future.

What do these seven men have in common? They’re all, without exception, building spacecraft.

In no particular order:


In my opinion, these brave pioneers, they feel this in their bones. That Mankind is lacking. That it’s failing.

Some say they’re doing it for the money. Like they need it 😊. But they could be doing it to show – to prove – that it is viable to create a space-bound enterprise, be it tourism, mining or just carrying satellites to the space.

And that’s a good thing. No. A great thing!

There are no certainties as far as the future goes. Except for one: there’s no hiding from it.


What if someone was to call upon himself the task of making “the future”, as foreseen by classical Sci-Fi authors, happen in our lifetime?

Walk Vincent’s path in Future Man and learn how, thanks to him, everybody will have a chance at a different kind of life.

Kirkus Reviews describes Future Man, the movie-script-based novel, as “Highly imaginative” … “Action packed book” … “This wildly creative work certainly takes readers to many unexpected places.

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