2016 – 2021 / Mobile devices’ future is Crystal Clear

The future is a “complex system”, always in flux, and Chaos Theory states that complex systems are unpredictable. The further you go into the future, the more likely it’ll be for you to be wrong.

What will the future hold for mobile devices? No one knows for sure. What you can do is take a pattern or a trend and then try to see where it may lead.


2016 – 2021 / The next 5 years

People seem pretty happy with their smartphones and tablets, wouldn’t you say? They must be. Otherwise, Apple and Samsung would be putting a lot more effort into innovating them instead of introducing nearly unperceivable upgrades every year.

But what could be the next game-changing step? What could still be missing?

VR, as in “Virtual Reality”. VR Headsets are not “a thing” yet but they desperately want to be. Will they ever be a thing? Maybe. But riddle me this: Do you see yourself wearing those half-silly chunky headsets for long? Maybe, it depends, right? Do you look cool wearing them? Maybe at first. But they’re a tad geeky. Imagine a room full of people wearing them and you’ll get the picture (pun intended).

As they exist now, VR headsets feel like transitional tech. But VR in itself and augmented reality are here to stay. The applications are endless. From medicine to engineering, from gaming to any sort of entertainment: it’s definitely the next step! Not the holograms once promised to us in classic sci-fi (Star trek’s holodeck … huba huba) but it’s the next closest thing. But not by way of a chunky opaque headset. “Glasses” maybe. Microsoft Hololens are the closest to the mark but you’d still think twice before walking out the door still wearing them.

Let’s take a step back. What if it was possible for you to get augmented reality and 360 degree views from your tablet? You already can. But through the device’s camera and screen. But what if the device itself was transparent? What if you could see through it? Why would it be any different from using the camera and the screen on the device?

What if you could just point a tablet at a patient’s body and see his organs as you move the tablet? What if you wrecked your car and, by pointing your tablet at it, it would show you the parts it needs, how it would look already fixed and prompt you a budget? What about moving around a “holographic” object with your colleagues, checking potential issues before the first prototype was ever produced?

Granted most of these you could achieve with headsets but, using a transparent tablet, it requires less involvement from you and it just feels more natural and … simpler! And we like simple.

Most people would still use it in “opaque” mode surely, like a regular tablet, but just imagine, app-wise, the myriad of opportunities a transparent tablet would create.


Coming Next: 2021 – 2040 / The next 20 years



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