2022 – 2041 / Mobile devices’ future is Crystal Clear

Check out the previous post on this matter here2016 – 2021 / Mobile devices’ future is Crystal Clear

So (Smart) glasses are great but they still interfere with your image and personal lifestyle.

Apple is probably wondering why their smartwatch is not selling as much as they expected. They thought they could do with the watch what they did with the smartphone: world domination (or a 30% slice of it) – but perhaps the first question they should be asking is why do people still wear analog watches in the 21st century when their 1980s digital-quartz counterparts were far more accurate? Because a watch is far more than just “a watch” to those who (still) use it.

Back to transparent tech: the same thing could/will happen with smartglasses!

But how can you wear smartglasses and not wear glasses? That’s an easy one: contact lenses. Contact lenses that allow you to seamlessly access augmented reality and virtual reality environments. Basically, they seamlessly grant you total privacy in taking your first steps into larger worlds.

Ultimately, that’s where we’re headed.



Kirkus Reviews describes Future Man as a “Highly imaginative (…) action packed novel” … “This wildly creative work certainly takes readers to many unexpected places.

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