The Future Promised In Our Early Days

Most of us love it when our favorite gadget gets an upgrade – be it a smartphone, a game console, a camera, … – but are we giving it the relative importance it deserves? After all, there must be a reason why somebody, at some point, decided to call them “gadgets”, right? Could we’ve forgotten it? What else could there be? How about transportation? The sort of tech that could take us further and faster than ever before?

We went from propeller-airplanes (1945) to landing a spacecraft on the moon (1969) in as little as 24 years. So it’s only logical that young people back then would grow up wondering what their place in the future would be. So logical, apparently, that Science-fiction itself had long been in love with the prospect of what the 21st century could bring. Not only high-concept tech, but also the options that all those changes would bring to everyone.

Almost 20 years into the new century and, apart from smart gadgets and smart TVs, in most ways, it even feels we’re going backwards. The Concorde, the supersonic airliner, was decommissioned in 2003 making it impossible for any traveler to cross the Atlantic Ocean in under 3 hours. For the first time in transportation history, distances had become longer.

But that’s not all: Apollo 17 remains the most recent manned flight beyond Earth orbit. “Apollo” and “most recent” in the same sentence, huh? Well, it’s been over 40 years and it’s yet to be (even) repeated.

What can one individual do? I chose to write about it. Future Man, a tribute to classic Sci-Fi writers, their concepts and their expectations for the future.


Bruno De Marques

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