Mankind | Are we an “advanced civilization”?

When considering countries or regions that benefit from peace and a stable political system, like the U.S, Europe, most of Asia, Australia, NZ … it would seem fair to see us and call us an advanced civilization. Even if, objectively, we don’t (yet) have another to compare it to. If you are reading this, chances are you are probably from one of these countries. In these, it’s reasonable to say people make a relatively comfortable living. There are a lot of things wrong with the world but, let’s face it, they hardly ever pass onto this side of the screen.

It helps to think that there were once services that only a century ago where exclusive to millionaires – which you can now afford – like travelling to distant locations. And most of us, with a little luck, will live to see their 90th anniversary when, a few centuries ago, you’d be nearly an elder at 50. Medicine has also reduced child mortality to virtually zero. Again, not a hundred years ago, families were large because they knew most younglings would not make it into adulthood. You can now get a smartphone relatively cheap that allows you nearly instant access to basically anything you need. You couldn’t get that a decade ago. And we went to the moon and all.

So, an advanced civilization we are.

But are we really? We’ve created a society so complex it takes us nearly 20 years in school to earn a decent place in it. Teaching methods and tools have improved but we still take the same 20 years as we did for decades. It’s a good thing we live to nearly a hundred now. Some people are lucky enough to make it big in life and make a lot of money. To these, life will bring on different challenges. But, to most of us, we have to work hard to pay our bills. We spend a significant part of what we earn in energy (home electricity, car gas …) and in the supermarket (food et al.). And, of course, then there are the mortgages (the roof over our heads), transportation, education and healthcare. All of these are, in a way, “basic needs”. Some are more basic than others, sure, but the truth is, for most people, there is very little left after you pay for the basic stuff.

Why? Because we’re NOT an advanced civilization. Not even a rational one, it seems.

What would an advanced, thinking, civilization do, before starting to put out, say, new smartphones, smart TVs and car models nearly every year? A thinking civilization, an advanced one, would try to take care of people’s basic needs with the least effort – or, in the world we live in, the least cost. This would – should – be its prime directive! Pretty obvious, right? Apparently not. By this I don’t mean to have the Government pay for everything. Quite the contrary, actually. I mean to put the trendy word “sustainability” to the test and try to make basic goods and services as cheap as they can be for everyone. Ideally, at no cost at all.

All the basic needs stated above – and some more that may feel basic to you – should represent like 5% (at most) of what you earn. Or less. You should have 95%, or more, to invest, create or do whatever pleases you. In an advanced civilization, basic needs shouldn’t “eat up” 95% of your earnings. How’s this possible in this day and age? Some may say the world is too divided for this but, frankly, I don’t think that’s it. Any medium-sized country could take the reins and do the right thing, start walking in the right direction. Is this rocket science? I don’t think so. Not yet.

Point of fact is: that’s what our great minds should be focusing on. Is there a doubt in your mind that if the people who are working on smartphones and smart TVs were to focus on, say, solar cells, you would have a solar panel the size of, say, a tablet – irony intended -, able to provide for free/clean energy for your car and perhaps even your home? And all this probably before the end of this decade? And, of course, in the long-term, this progress would release resources for much needed and not-immediately-profitable enterprises, such as expanding our world.

We need an “intelligent” civilization. Not (more) “smart” phones. We need Future Man.

Bruno De Marques.


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Meat without animals? | Will it ever be possible?

Say you get in a discussion about animals rights. Because of some age-old tradition or hunting in general or some isolated incident involving hurting or killing living beings.

But you like beef. Succulent thick juicy portions of grilled fillet steak served with tomatoes and roast vegetables on an old wooden board. Or Chicken Tikka Masala.

Chances are you’ll find yourself cornered over the fact that we‘ll never know if the animals we eat are in fact killed without feeling a thing. Or if that even makes sense. After all, killing is killing.

The truth is man has always hunted and killed animals for food and they “play a vital role in any healthy diet”. That’s what children learn in school and that’s what (almost) any doctor will tell you. Still, if there was a more humane alternative, most of us would take it in a heartbeat. But there isn’t and, as result, many people have gone vegan over this – which is totally understandable.

The fact is our society continues to ignore this. We go on calling animals “it” – as in “a thing” – not him or her – and that isn’t helping. But this is not about picking a side. It’s about how the future should bring an end to the discussion.

So cloning has been used in attempts to duplicate organs that the human body usually has trouble adjusting and often rejects – like the liver. With your DNA, it will soon be possible to duplicate a fully functional liver that will fit into you like “a glove”.

The future will take this concept to the next level: to clone animal parts, like beef or ribs, without the need of a living host. That means getting your sirloin steak without the need of a cow dying for it to happen. It would be an expensive process now but, once it becomes an industry, it will actually be a lot cheaper than growing a cow or even a chicken.

There will be no need for anyone to go vegan over this – like we’ve all considered going at some point.

This does not exist yet. It’s a gift from the future. Will you approve of it?

Bruno De Marques.

#thefutureneedsyou #animalrights

The next big business | Teeth Makeup

In the future, we’ll all want to have perfect teeth. We already want that now but it will become worst. It probably shouldn’t but it will.

Not exactly “shiny and chrome” like in the (great) Mad Max reboot. Just perfect in every way.

Oh … and not depend on a dentist for that.

We all know that,

  • Root canal treatments may cause the pulp-free teeth to eventually turn grey or dark yellow over time – even the ones in the back become visible, for all to see, every time you smile;
  • Some of us just can’t have white teeth – because they were never white to begin with -, no matter how hard you scrub the damn things.

Sure you can pay the dentist a visit but, most of the times, you’d probably appreciate a quick fix, wouldn’t you? Especially if you just found out while checking yourself in the mirror, right before the big party or wedding or interview or event or, even worse, ‘the’ date …

So there will be TEETH MAKEUP.

In the future, just like you use – or used – makeup to cover acne, disguise or enhance your facial features, the same will be possible with your teeth. To turn them into perfect pearly whites.

And not just with women. It will be just as popular among the male gender.

This does not exist yet. It comes from the future.

It’s the next big business. Teeth Makeup.