The story behind the story

I like to think Future man carries a powerful message. A relevant and urgent one. Perhaps because of this, I first envisioned it as a movie – to be more specific, due to its inherent complexity, as a movie trilogy.

After ten years in the making, Future Man’s Library of Congress registration arrived in 2008. I wrote a second script during that time, with a similar structure, only a different message. So, ten years: two scripts. And a full-time job. And two (very) young children.

In 2012, with the help of a local movie executive, I was able to meet in L.A. with some very important movie industry stakeholders:

  • An ICM Partners’ Executive VP
  • A CBS Television’s Executive VP
  • A Sony Pictures’ Executive VP
  • A Film Producer – Director / Writer

They told me that producing Future Man would be extremely expensive. Since Executive Producers – who pay all the bills – need assurances before throwing their money into the production pot, they all felt Vincent’s adventure should start as a novel.

I partnered up with Simon & Schuster’s Archway Publishing and, three years later, Future Man finally came into fruition.

Bruno De Marques.

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