Why Future Man should feel different

It’s not “Sci-Fi”

Calling Future Man “Sci-Fi” can be misleading as it doesn’t follow the genre’s trends or structure. It’s a “character-driven adventure epic” with sci-fi archetypes at its center. A tribute to classic Sci-Fi writers, their concepts and their expectations for the future.


A “Bridge” between the Present and the Future

Earth-centered Sci-Fi stories are usually set in the near-future or in decades or centuries from now. Future Man shows “the process” of changing the world, from nearly as it is today, into a utopian Star Trek-ish future.


It could be your story

Action/fiction protagonists of late tend to have some sort of ”advantage” when compared with normal people:

  • have superpowers from birth
  • are rich and/or have dead parents
  • have some sort of special training
  • have some sort of godfather helping them
  • are royalty
  • are supernatural
  • or, in the very least, are pulled into situations unlikely to happen to you

Future Man’s protagonist, Vincent De Marcos, could be anyone, man or woman. It’s a story that means to challenge us into thinking what we’d do, at every turn, were we in his shoes.


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